LITTLE CHINA GIRL Naeture Watch 40mm

LITTLE CHINA GIRL Naeture Watch 40mm

LITTLE CHINA GIRL Naeture Watch 40mm

Bestell-Nr.:: ILP30781

Die Illustratorin Kater Stets aka Ulrike lebt und arbeitet in Berlin. Ihre Arbeiten entstehen auf’m Papier und kommen ohne große Photoshop-Anpassungen direkt auf unsere Produkte.

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The Naeture Watch combines the features of a classic timepiece with a new approach to sustainability, uniqueness and flexibility. Our quick release system enables the wooden watch to be transformed by simply changing the wristband – allowing you to switch easily from casual to fancy.

Materials like wood, cork and cellulose fibres emphasize our wish for sustainable design and give you a natural wearing comfort. 

A timepiece, that is simple, yet unique. An accessory, that can be transformed to match all your outfits. A watch, that is modern and eco-friendly.

  • Natural Beech Wood Case
  • Japanese Quartz Movement
  • Vegan Wristband made from tear proof & washable cellulose fibres
  • Wristband with cork backside.
  • Straps available in 2 sizes
  • Wooden Case available in 2 sizes (36/40mm diameter)
  • Handmade in Berlin